Friday, February 3, 2012

Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul in Elko, Nevada from a Utah Affiliate

UPDATE: This is very cool! Erika Rodriguez was at this event and reached out to us when she saw our video posted on the site! If you watch closely around the 1:50 mark in the video, she is the girl with straight, brown hair that gets blocked by the man in the white shirt! She drove all the way from Idaho to see Ron Paul in Nevada!!  Here is her story!
"All of us liberty lovin Idahoans drove almost 5 hours to see Ron Paul in Elko yesterday! As you can see at the end it paid off and we all got to shake his hand!"

"He was getting interviewed for a while and started heading out the door and we started yelling for him to come... he made eye contact and headed our way! You would be amazed at how hard those people in that group have worked for the campaign in our cities and it was completely deserved... he gave us the strength to keep on spreading the word of liberty to Idaho!" 
"Keep an eye out for our state - he will be winning it on March 6th!"


  1. Liberty & Peace know no age limits. Liberty and Peace are uncompromising. Liberty and Peace is part of the language of Ron Paul, and that is why so many people love him and his message. He is a modern day Ghandi/Martin Luther King/Rosa Parks/Henry David Thoreaux, etc.

    Vote Ron Paul in 2012. Vote for Liberty and Peace.

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