Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Run Rick, Run!

He nearly won the Iowa Caucuses by visiting every county in the state!   Now, his only chance to win the Presidency is by visiting EVERY TOWN IN AMERICA! His only problem is that he is out of money!!  TMZ spotted Rick Santorum somewhere out west and he seems to have a new look! Run Rick, Run!!


  1. Yeah, it's cute ~ but why slam a candidate who cares enough to go where the masses are and listen to what they want? Where's Ron Paul??? ~ somewhere looking for Waldo??

  2. Listen to what they want? His supporters just like the rest of the Neocons, don't actually KNOW what they want;l they have to let Rush, or Hannity, some other radio personality and Fox News TELL THEM what they want them to want. Where's Ron Paul? globe trotting all over the place to states that actually matter. You might know that if you'd turn off Ruport Murdoch TV. ;)