Monday, January 9, 2012

Ron Paul's Breakfast Interrupted by Media Mob

RON PAUL U.S.A. | January 9, 2012

Sources out of New Hampshire this morning are reporting that Ron Paul had some difficulties with the media this morning at a campaign stop.  Obviously it is hard to determine what is "media spin" and what is fact, but here is what we are hearing right now.

It appears that Dr. and Mrs. Paul were preparing to have breakfast at Moe Joe's restaurant in Manchester, NH.  They planned to meet and greet the other patrons as they normally do when they make a local stop.  The problems began when a mob of media filled the restaurant and made it almost impossible for Dr. Paul and his wife to get through to their table.  A Paul staffer urge the media to "take it easy", but as you might expect that did not happen!    There is one report that someone had a megaphone and was shouting, "Ron Paul, we are the media and we have you surrounded!"  This man was actually dressed as a  wizard!  It is also being reported that there were dozens of high school students on a field trip to learn about the primary process, which further confused the situation!

UPDATE: Here is the "wizard"???
Dr. Paul made the decision to head back out to the SUV and forego his breakfast, but before he left he did grant one interview to Brett Baeir of FOX News.  We will post that video when it comes available!

UPDATE: Here is a first hand account of the incident as reported exclusively by Ron Paul U.S.A., from a Ron Paul supporter at the event!
"I went down to Moe Joes for this event. The media was everywhere. Ron went in, but clearly saw there was a problem. The media was knocking over tables trying to get to Ron. It was crazy. I was amazed how many cameras were there. many international news sources as well. Frankly, I'm disappointed the event did not happen. I was hoping to meet the good Doctor, but I completely understand why he left. The idiot with the megaphone is some schmuck up here running, I think, on the democrat ticket. Yes, he had a megaphone, but he was also wearing a boot on his head so take that for what it is worth."

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