Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Ron Paul Has Been a One-Man Wrecking Crew"

It is great to hear the media admit that Ron Paul is a force!   What they don't understand is that this idea of picking off the weaker candidates first is a great strategy!   He is trying to get it down to a two-man race, and will then focus the big guns on Romney!

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  1. Well, this is the way a great campaign is run. He and his team are brilliantly handling the election process as it is meant to be handled. Way to go Dr. Paul!

  2. Bringing the truth to light! None of this stuff is made up or taken out of context. The truth will se you free

  3. The truth has no agenda, but focusing the truth on particular candidates first is a brilliant strategy on the part of Ron Paul.
    There is plenty of hypocrisy for Ron Paul to attack with any of these other candidates.
    Ron Paul is using Mohammad Ali's method of "rope-a-dope," but in this case it's WITH THE TRUTH!

  4. yeah this is really what I think the strategy is, get rid of all the other competition and then cut the final head of the the establishment hydra. Look Mitt is smooth and the rest of the field is easily rattled and RP needs to get them to implode and go for the status quo fatality on Mitt Mano y mano

  5. He is just getting warmed up. One at a time are being reduced to their correct place-- irrelevancy. Come convention time, we will see.

  6. Did you notice that all the questions seemed to encourage him to attack his lower tier opponents?
    Like: "Your ad says Newt is jerk. Will you say that to his face right now?" I think they were meant to make him look really negative and "attack down". I think it just made him look tough.
    They "complain" that Romney gets off easy in these debates, but the moderators steer attacks amongst the lower tier. Are they protecting Romney?