Sunday, January 22, 2012

Romney & Paul Could Be "Top Two" For Five Contests In A Row

THE EXAMINER | Kyle Rodgers | January 22, 2012
Despite a major victory in South Carolina by Newt Gingrich, the next six contests heavily favor Romney. In fact, Gingrich failed to even get on the ballot in one state.

We could also see Ron Paul's day in the sun. Coming up are five contests in a row where Gingrich could easily come in third or worse.

January 31 Florida Primary:

Romney is hoping for a landslide victory. However, Newt Gingrich has hindered the Rubio team and will probably get a major influx of cash after his South Carolina win.

Romney may already have victory in the bag. His campaign has spent one million dollars on mailings to the state. His mailers have urged voters to fill out absentee ballots. The Florida election commission reported today that nearly a half million absentee ballots have been requested. Over 200,000 have been turned in so far.

Florida's delegates are winner take all. The winner of this state will gain a big lead in delegates.

February 4  Nevada Caucus:

Nevada is where Ron Paul hopes to make his stand. Paul has been spending much of his money and time in this state. In the 2008 campaign, Paul did much better in the caucuses than the primary. He received 14% in the Nevada caucus in 2008. Paul received over double his 2008 vote totals in Iowa, and New Hampshire. He received over three times his 2008 vote total in South Carolina.

In 2008, John McCain came in third place behind Ron Paul despite winning South Carolina and Florida. Romney got 51% of the vote.

February 4–11 Maine Caucus:

Ron Paul is hoping for a spectacular finish in Maine. In 2008, it was his third best state. He received 19% of the vote.

Romney got 52% of the vote. Ron Paul received 35% of the delegates from Maine because he trained his supporters how to participate in the county and state conventions.

February 7 Colorado Caucus:

Colorado Mormons propelled Romney to another major landslide victory in 2008. Romney got 60% of the vote.

Minnesota Caucus:

Romney also beat McCain by a large margin in this state. Romney got 41% percentage. Ron Paul did well in this state last time with 16%.​

Missouri Caucus:

Newt Gingrich will not appear on the ballot. While this is technically a "non-binding" show primary, Gingrich's failure to get on the ballot could hurt him badly. This will be a major set back for Gingrich.

Romney came in third place in 2008. This could have been a major victory for Gingrich, but will instead be humiliating.


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  2. It's a marathon. less than 3% of delegates are out the door. Keep on trucking, RP!