Friday, January 6, 2012

Boston Globe Endorsement Helps Ron Paul

Ron Paul U.S.A. | Randall Hall | January 6, 2012
Thursday's endorsement of John Huntmans by the Boston Globe seems to be a non-issue for Ron Paul on the surface. The general conclusion is that it may give Huntsman a small boost, but will not affect Mitt Romney in any way. However, if we dig a little deeper we find quite a different story!

New Hampshire is a state that has proven to be very difficult to predict when it comes to primaries. In 2008, both parties saw dramatic outcomes that were not predicted by the polls, even those taken one day before the primary! In a USA Today/Gallup poll taken the day before the Democratic primary, Barack Obama held a solid 10 point lead over Hillary Clinton.  In a CNN poll on that same day, Obama held a 9 point lead. In addition, both Obama's and Clinton's internal polling showed Obama had 14 and 11 point leads respectively!  This was a slam dunk win for Obama, just like we are hearing about Romney this year! The very next day, Hillary Clinton WON the New Hampshire primary by 3 points, with 39% of the vote over Obama's 36%!  The polls were completely wrong across the board and proved to be absolutely worthless.  In fact, even the EXIT POLLS showed Obama winning by an average of 8 points!

The Republican primary of 2008 was less dramatic in terms of polling discrepancies, however they were telling.  In most polls, McCain and Romney were either tied or McCain had a slight lead.  A few polls did show Romney with a 3-4 point lead, but there was not clear trend.  McCain won the primary by a significant margin of almost 38% to Romney's 32%, nearly 6 points!  Again, the polls overall failed to predict this outcome. The key to both McCain's and Clinton's wins was later shown to the be the Independent voters, who can vote in either party just by going to a polling place and declaring a party on election day.

The Boston Globe's endorsement of Huntsman does one clear thing, it takes votes from Mitt Romney and gives them to John Huntsman!  The result is that the gap between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney will decrease, as Ron Paul votes will very likely not be affected.  It also casts more doubt on Romney in a state that has proven to be anything but loyal, even though it is in his own backyard!

The New York Times is now projecting that there IS A POSSIBILITY that Ron Paul could win the New Hampshire primary!  Notice below that Ron Paul has the potential to get up to 38% of the vote, whereas Mitt Romney could get as low as 26%.  That is a rather large overlap which leads to some uncertainty.  The likelihood of a win is low, but given the unpredictable nature of the voters in New Hampshire, anything is possible.  Ron Paul's appeal to Independents has now been shown to be very strong as witnessed in Iowa.   As we mentioned, Independents were the key to swinging the results in favor of both McCain and Clinton 4 years ago! (See GOP Fear is Growing over Ron Paul)

Finally, let's look at the delegates.  Four years ago, McCain won by 6 points and walked away with 7 delegates.  Romney gained 4 delegates, and even Huckabee grabbed 1 delegate with a distant third place finish and only 11% of the vote.  If Ron Paul can put some serious distance between himself and the thrid place candidate Santorum (See Run Rick, Run!), and give Romney a run for the top spot, he could walk away with enough delegates to make this officially a two man race going forward, and steal a "psychological win" in Romney's backyard!


  1. It is still a good idea for Ron Paul and his supporters to dig in for the long haul! A win would be wonderful, but don't forget that the REAL challenge will be after our hero wins the nomination, and even more, he wins the Presidency!

    David K. Meller

  2. Ron Paul for president! I am not stopping, until he is in office!

  3. You must not forget that votes were stolen from Ron Paul and Obama. That is how the big Hillary surprise happened...just like in Iowa the other day...votes were stolen from Perry and given to Santorum.

  4. Just before the voters of PA kicked him out of office, Santorum accepted more money from lobbyists than anyone else in congress. In his final year, he got more than Hillary Clinton and Tom Delay combined!

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