Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul Walks Out of CNN Interview

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  1. My response to CNN's so-called interview of Ron Paul.

    Contrary to Wolf Blitzer's remark that this was a tough series of questions, it was not. It is, in fact, a silly series of questions, ones that have been answered repeatedly over the years.
    Does every magazine endorse every single opinion expressed in its pages by every writer who contributes to that magazine?
    Does every radio station that airs talk shows endorse all the views expressed on those shows?
    Does every news network endorse every single opinion expressed by people on all its shows?
    The answer to all these questions is NO,of course not!
    Therefore, why would it be assumed that Congressman Paul endorses all the opinions expressed by writers of the newsletter?
    Especially as he has answered this same question on many occasions, giving the same answers each time.
    Ron Paul has always provided honest, consistent answers to any questions put to him on any subject. Therefore, one must conclude that Dr. Paul is answering truthfully in this instance, as well.
    It seems to me that this issue is brought up over and over again simply because the media is desperate to find anything they can to discredit the most open, honest, and principled candidate this country has had running for President in many decades. (And THAT is MY opinion! Please credit it to me, accordingly. Thank you.)

  2. Nelson Linder, NAACP Leader, clearly debunked the theory of Ron Paul being racist; not to mention Dr. Paul's pro-civil rights actions in congress over his 30 year career which can be clearly found at If you want more proof simply ask the many he treated - free of charge - as an independent physician Regardless of Skin Color.

    Let's talk about the real problem: America's debt. Only Dr. Paul offers a real solution to cut America's debt by $1 Trillion in year one. Only Dr. Paul offers a plan which cuts the presidential salary to match the Median American Income of $40k/yr. Only Dr. Paul offers to pardon all prisoners arrested on drug-related charges who don't have violent records - Regardless of Skin Color.

    This is what Ron Paul offers America - learn more: