Monday, December 19, 2011

North Korean's Cry Hysterically Over Death of Kim Jong Il

We decided to post this video because the nature of its authenticity is really irrelevant. Perhaps these people are crying at their own free will as a result of a lifetime of propaganda, isolation, and brainwashing.  On the other hand, this may be completely staged by the North Korean government as a new propaganda piece.  Either way, they are completely misguided if they think this shows how much the people loved this "wonderful" man.  Remember, these people are human beings, no better and no worse than you and I.  The mistake they make is in not questioning their government at all, and blindly believing  what they are told.  Again, if you 100% believe that the extremists in the Middle East hate American simply because of our freedom and American values, you are believing propaganda.  Please watch the video in our recent post - Blowback: A History Lesson.

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  1. This is collectivism when taken to the extreme....

    And people said Ayn Rand's philosophy of individualism is crazy?