Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blowback - A History Lesson

It is frustrating, as an American, to see our fellow citizens continue to be in denial about our foreign policy over the last 60 years!  We claim to be well educated, free thinking, non-conformists that would never blindly believe anyone.  We look back at history and judge those that fell victim to dictators' propaganda and cannot understand how that could ever happen, especially now in the 21st century.  Folks, it is happening right now, and it is likely happening to you or someone you love....


"I once hit a beehive.  The bees attacked me.
I came to the conclusion that the bees just
hated my Freedom and American Values"

If you believe that 9/11 happened because the terrorists hated our "freedom and liberty", you are a victim of propaganda, plain and simple.  Watch this video, which is nothing but cold, hard facts, and then ask yourself if "blowback" is real.  It is not "un-American" to question your government, it is ignorant.  The U.S. Government is not America, we are America, and the government receives it's power from the people. Never forget that!

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