Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to Ron Paul U.S.A!!!

We are excited to officially launch what we hope will be your one-stop-shop for all information on the only candidate that can turn our country around.. RON PAUL!!  Welcome to the brand new Ron Paul U.S.A. blog! We invite you to take a look around and familiarize yourself with our information and layout.

Our goal is very simple... we want to be your first stop every day for breaking news and full coverage of Ron Paul's run for the Presidency in 2012!  We will leverage cutting edge technology, social media, and the power of the Internet to bring you a robust offering of news, events, videos, commentary, and resources.  We have implemented search and aggregator technology that will gather information from across the entire globe and bring it straight to you!  No more wasting time searching for the latest information on countless other sites. Everything that happens in Ron Paul Nation will be delivered straight to your screen.

Social media and technology will make the 2012 election unlike any other in history.   The benefits are tremendous, but there are challenges as well.   Information overload is a real problem as people face the challenge of keeping up with numerous platforms and media outlets.   Our goal here at Ron Paul U.S.A will be to bring you everything you need to know and present it in manner that is both easy to use and FUN!  

We are working hard to finalize our content and ask that you check back often to watch our progress.  This site will continue to evolve and grow as new tools and resources come to light.  We will also be launching functionality that will allow our readers to send news, engage in discussions, and provide their own commentary!   All of this is done in an effort to spread the word and build momentum in our own small way for the one and only Dr. Ron Paul!!

Thank You!!

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