Monday, September 19, 2011

Revolution SuperPAC Moneybomb

It is hard to argue that this past weekend was anything but fantastic for Ron Paul Nation! However, the hard work is far from over!  Today is the moneybomb for the Revolution SuperPAC. Also known as an independent expenditure-only committee, a SuperPAC is a new breed of political action committee that may raise and spend unlimited sums of money for the sole purpose of making independent political expenditures to support or oppose political candidates.  A few key differences are that these organizations can accept unlimited donations, not just from individuals, but from businesses and other organizations as well.  The Revolution SuperPAC is the group that has put out many of the hard-hitting Ron Paul ads you may have seen on YouTube or in your TV viewing area (see below).


We must continue to be vigilant and push ourselves and others to continue to donate! Remember, every dollar counts.  Even $5 today will make a huge difference in our effort to drive Ron Paul toward the Presidency!

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